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Short Biography

Having gained success as an entrepreneur in the world of banking and the high-finance industry, Nicholas' journey in this field involved dealing with the most unusual clientele hailing from all walks of life in numerous countries - he crossed paths with the real-life characters involved with international politics, the intelligence community and other larger than life characters within a host of Emerging Markets.  Afterwards he returned to the relative peace of his creative endeavors in fiction writing, poetry and as a visual artist specializing in the fields of fine art photography, sculpture and public art - with an impressive list of commissions and public acquisitions.
His poetry and photography has been published through a series of bespoke and mainstream publications and books.

After several years in the visual arts, Nicholas A. Price is a full-time writer having completed a series of fiction books in the genres of crime thrillers, a work of comedy and a series of children’s short stories, where to use his own words -“I want my children’s stories to stimulate the imagination and open the door to exploration, both within and beyond the scope of the day. I long to play a small part in fostering a culture of thinkers rather than followers.”

Nicholas, along with his wife and children, is an avid traveler and conservationist when he's not enjoying his private writer's retreat or taking care of  the family's number of various and exotic pets.
Nicholas Price with Monty
Nicholas A. Price with his pet Royal Ball Python, Monty
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