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Author Nicholas A. Price Debuts New Novel, “Adventures in Trichology”
Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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New York, NY - May 16, 2017 - Well-known author, Nicholas A. Price, has released his latest novel, “
Adventures in Trichology .” Available in a hardcover, paperback and Kindle edition, the laugh-out-loud book takes readers along for the ride in the life of a British hairdresser and self-proclaimed sex god, Norman Baker.
In this romp full of adult themes, Norman Baker is a humble hairdresser in a small tourist town where the rich, famous and powerful go to escape their complicated lives, little knowing what simmers just below surface of the sleepy little town.
Norman is privy to the hopes, dreams and secrets of his eccentric clientele and the community’s residents at large. He’s heard far more about the state of womanhood than any man wants to know and has developed a decidedly unique view of the female gender.
Norman’s life hasn’t turned out like he anticipated. However, despite being saddled with to a name he doesn’t like, working in a profession that’s lost its luster, and never being taken seriously enough, he’s still managed to find success with the female gender in and out of the salon.
“Adventures in Trichology” is the story of an everyman and his essential place in small town life that’s every bit as intriguing and beguiling as a TV drama. Norman struggles to balance his private and professional life like a high-wire performer amidst comedic mishaps, bizarre sexual antics and even murder.
The release of “Adventures in Trichology” is a very different type of novel and marks a departure from the author’s usual crime thrillers, poetry and children’s book. It’s a welcome addition to the
adult fiction genre for anyone who appreciates British humor, needs a laugh, and wants an escape from the rigors of everyday life.

About Nicholas A. Price
Nicholas A. Price is a prolific author with multiple titles to his credit, writing in genres encompassing poetry, children’s short stories, adult fiction, crime thrillers and comedy. He’s an accomplished visual artist specializing in fine art film photography, sculpture and public art. His work has been covered by national and international media, and his black and white photos of men and women in the U.S. Air Force entitled “Cleared Hot” was acquired by the Library of Congress. Fans can connect with him on
Instagram , Twitter , Facebook and YouTube .


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