Nicholas Price's written works are published in a variety of genres that include: Crime Fiction, comedy, children's and poetry books. His writing style offers a variety of topics that entertain a large cross audience.

Nicholas Price is also working and collaborating with screenwriters in the adaptations of his work into film and television.
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With over 35 years experience, Nicholas has spent years documenting the American people, culture, economic, engineering and other achievements and its trials and tribulations using his unique style and highly technical skills all through the lens of his manual film cameras. Some of the most important photographic commissions and projects that were created on film in this single artist's style have never or have rarely been, duplicated by another single photographer.
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Nicholas Price has been commissioned by, and has collaborated with, many prestigious entities over the span of his artistic career, including Fortune 500 Companies. His work has been featured in numerous media outlets including The Boston Globe, L.A. Times, USA Today - Life, Unique Homes Magazine, National News, and KNPR- National Radio.

Commissions include major public art sculptures and several private collectors.
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