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About Nicholas A. Price

I shot my first roll of black and white film as a teenager and although I use color film for special projects, I have remained generally faithful to black and white. I have never strayed into the digital photography arena and maintain a full laboratory [darkroom] facility with professional enlargers and the associated equipment. I use three film sizes 35mm, medium format 6x6 and 6x7 along with large format 4x5 inch. My preferred option is medium format.
I have a large collection of cameras and each has its uses, I shy away from any automatic or predetermined settings and prefer heavy indestructible camera bodies and lenses. I have a collection of 35mm bodies and many lenses; on the medium format side I have four camera bodies and thirty unique Mamiya, Pentax 67 and Carl Zeiss lenses along with several rare and beautiful Russian lenses. My range extends from 15mm right through to 1000mm, although I predominantly work from 30 to 135mm. On special occasions I bring out my far from portable 4x5 camera! Everything is always film loaded, fitted with different lenses and ready for every project, studio or otherwise - I take photographs every day.
I shoot black and white film from the US and the UK. Some of the film I loved to use in the past is no longer produced, I had my favorites with fifties type emulsion and of course color Kodachrome 64. Now my film speeds range from 50 to 400 ASA and as I process my own I can speed up or slow down [push or pull] these as required.
So despite the march of the digital revolution where many professional photographers have become machine operators guided by an assistant with a laptop, I have remained faithful to my craft, which extends to printing to archival standards in a range of sizes on genuine silver-gelatin paper stock. I tend to print from 8x10 up to 20x24 inches and I source my paper from far and wide, having favorites from Germany, England, Japan and the Czech Republic.
Why stick with film, paper and chemistry? I am in full control of my artistic output; the quality and results are mine. I have lovely tangible and tactile things like negatives and paper, not potentially unreliable electronics and memories. And best of all I have to wait to see the results - no instant gratification here!

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